Preparation of Electronic (WWW) Manuscripts

For the TeX Users

  1. When a TeX user first submits a manuscript to the Managing Office, you should not submit the floppy disk at the same time. If the manuscript is accepted, the Managing Office will send you the Acceptance Letter. After that, please send the floppy disk or e-mail manuscript and two copies of Form for Submission again to the Composition Dept. Managing Office, J.A.M.S.
  2. Manuscripts prepared by AMS-LaTeX, LaTeX or AMS-TeX are welcome. For the TeX users, refer to the pages
    "FOR THE AMS-LaTeX USERS (Ver.1.1)",
    "FOR THE AMS-LaTeX (Ver 1.2, 2.0) USERS",
    "FOR THE LaTeX (old version) USERS",
    "FOR THE LaTeX2e USERS"or
    "FOR THE AMS-TeX (Ver.2.x) USERS".
  3. Authors should not divide the file into two or more (sub)-files (for example, abstract, introduction, ..., references, etc.)
  4. Manuscripts satisfying the standard format of JAMS will be treated favorably and the page charge will be discount.

Electronic Graphics

   In preparing the electronic manuscripts, there are many methods in saving figures to insert them to the fixed places of the papers prepared in TeX, some require simple steps for us to process and others do not. The JAMS recoomends that authors of the papers both for SCM and M.J. (we will publish an electronic versions in the near future) save the figures in the following manners. No matter what method was used to produce the graphics, it is necessary to provide a paper copy to the JAMS.

  1. Graphics are saved at the fixed places in the souce file prepared in AMS-LaTeX, LaTeX and etc.
  2. Graphics are saved in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format.
  3. Graphics are saved in one of the standard graphics formats - such as TIFF, PICT, GIF.

Page Charge for Graphics

   If the papers aceepted for SCM or M.J. include figures, the additional page charges are required as follows.

  1. In the cases of the above 1 and 2 of Electronic Graphics, no additional page charges are required.
  2. In the case of the above 3, the additional page charge is 2,000 Yen (US$15) for one graphic.
  3. In the case that figures are not processed electronically, the additional page charge is 4,000 Yen (US$30) for one figure.

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