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56-1 Viorel Barbu
Controllability of parabolic and Navier-Stokes equations
55-3 Jorge Galindo
Dense pseudocompact subgroups and finer pseudocompact group topologies
55-3 Giuseppe Pirillo
Fibonacci word and Sturmian words
55-2 Washek F. Pfeffer
Derivatives and primitives
55-1 A. V. Arhangel'skii
From classic topological invariants to relative topological properties
54-3 Yu. Movsisyan
Hyperidentities and hypervarieries
54-2 Shizu Nakamnishi
Approach to non-absolute integration by successive approximations
54-1 William H. Ruckle
Accumulation games

To appear shortly:

V. Barbu and N. Pavel
Optimal control of periodic distributed systems
P. K. Sen
Neuronal spatio-temporal models: High-dimensional implications and statistical perspectives
T. Kubiak
L-fuzzy reals and topology
J. P. Penot
Nonsmooth analysis: From subdifferential calculus to codifferential calculus
W. Wilczynski
On density topologies
L. Maligranda
Orliz spaces - history and a survay of certain aspects
V. Burenkov
Approximation of functions with preservation of boundary values

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