Submission to the SCMJ

In September 2012, the way of submission to Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae
(SCMJ) was changed.  Submissions should be sent electronically (in PDF file) to the
editorial office of International Society for Mathematical Sciences (ISMS). 

(1) Preparation of files and Submission
    a.	Authors who would like to submit their papers to the SCMJ should make
        source files of their papers in LaTeX2e using the ISMS style file (scmjlt2e.sty)
        Submissions should be in PDF file compiled from the source files.  Send the 
        PDF file to
    b.	Prepare a Submission Form and send it to the ISMS.  The required items to 
        be contained in the form are: 
      1. Editorfs name whom the author chooses from the Editorial Board 
         (Editorial Board)and would like to take in 
         charge of the paper for refereeing. 
      2. Title of the paper.  
      3. Authorsf names.  
      4. Corresponding authorfs name, e-mail address and postal address (affiliation).
      5. Membership number in case the author is an ISMS member.  

      Japanese authors should write 3 and 4 both in English and in Japanese. 

      Submission Form, the author can find the 
      Submission Form. Fulfill the Form and sent it to the editorial office by pushing
      the button gtransmissionh.  Or, without using the Form, the author may send
      an e-mail containing the items 1-5 to

(2) Registration of Papers
    When the editorial office receives both a PDF file of a submitted paper and a
    Submission Form, we register the paper.  We inform the author of the
    registration number and the received date.  At the same time, we send the PDF
    file to the editor whom the author chooses in the Submission Form and request
    him/her to begin the process of refereeing. (Authors need not send their papers to
    the editor they choose.)

(3) Reviewing Process
    a. The editor who receives, from the editorial office, the PDF file and the request
       of starting the reviewing process, he/she will find an appropriate referee for
       the paper.  
    b. The referee sends a report to the editor.  When revision of the paper is
       necessary, the editor informs the author of the refereefs opinion.
    c. Based on the referee report, the editor sends his/her decision (acceptance of
       rejection) to the editorial office.

(4) a. Managing Editor of the SCMJ makes the final decision to the paper valuing the 
       editorfs decision, and informs it to the author.
    b. When the paper is accepted, we ask the author to send us a source file and
       a PDF file of the final manuscript. 
    c. The publication charges for the ISMS members are free if the membership dues
       have been paid without delay. If the authors of the accepted papers are not the
       ISMS members, they should become ISMS members and pay \8,000 (US$80, Euro75)
       as the membership dues for a year, or should just pay the same amount without
       becoming the members.

Items required in Submission Form

1. Editorfs name who the authors wish will take in charge of the paper 2. Title of the paper 3. Authorsf names 3'. 3. in Japanese for Japanese authors 4. Corresponding authorfs name and postal address (affiliation) 4'. 4. in Japanese for Japanese authors 5. ISMS membership number 6. E-mail address

Attention !!

We (staffs of ISMS) always do our best to handle contributed papers carefully. However, they are treated fairly infrequently as a junkmail due to malfunction of our mail sorting system. Never fail to ask us whether your paper reaches us in case that you can not get any E-mails from us (ISMS) more than two weeks after sending it by E-mail.

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