For LaTeX(old version) Users

For LaTeX(old version) Users
(Updated: March 3, 2000)

Use your LaTex(old version) environment. If you use "jamsl.sty" in your manuscript, you need some small changes in it as the following example;

      %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% EXAMPLE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%      % sample tex-file for LaTeX version with jamsl.sty      \documentstyle[twoside,leqno,jamsl]{article}             % If you can use amsmath.sty in your computer environment,       % use the following documentstyle instead of the above one.       %\documentstyle[twoside,leqno,amsmath,jamsl]{article}       	  \pagestyle{myheadings}             \begin{document}            %The following line should be added ONLY in case you      %use this style file in making a hard copy for       %SUBMISSION.      %\baselineskip 20pt            \title{ This is a Title. }      \author{ author's name }      \date{}      \subjclass{ subject classifications }      \keywords{ keywords }            \maketitle            \begin{abstract}      This is an abstract.       \end{abstract}                  \end{document}      %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Download here!(`jamsl.sty'file)

OS type Archives type Archives file
MS Windows gzip jamsl.sty.gz
MS Windows lha jams-latex-pc.lzh
Note: The above lha archive file includes two style files; jamsl.sty and jamsl2e.sty.

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