Join JAMS Now!

Join JAMS Now!

JAMS is a professional and scientific society working to share andadvance mathematical sciences. By joining JAMS you will be in theinternational forefront of mathematical sciences. Every institutional,individual, and student member can subscribe Mathematica Japonica(M.J.) and a new electronic journal Scientiae Mathematicae (SCM) at free charge, while the subscription fees of 1999 for non-members are 46,800 yen (domestic) and US$360 (overseas) without postage.

The accepted papers forM.J. written by JAMS members will be published 1 issue earlierthan those written by non-members.As for the accepted papers for SCM,they will be located on WWW as soon as their prof-readings by the authors are finished.The abstracts of M.J./SCM will be distibuted worldwide using Mailing List.JAMS gives positive support to the member's research through communication with the relevant research group in the world using Internet.

Another advantage is that papers written by JAMS members can be awarded JAMS PRIZE or JAMS T. SHIMIZU PRIZE. These prizes have been established in celebration of the semi-centurial anniversary of Mathematica Japonica. JAMS PRIZE will be awarded, without age restriction, to researchers who have submitted remarkable papers,and the other isJAMS T. SHIMIZU PRIZE which will be awarded to young resercherswho are within 40 years old. Every year, two papers in Pure Mathematics will be chosen, for JAMS PRIZE and JAMS T. SHIMIZU PRIZE respectively, and two papers in other field of Mathematical Sciences for the two prizes respectively. We will choose 4 papers in total for the prizes every year. The papers chosen for the JAMS T. SHIMIZU PRIZE should be papers of JAMS members which have been published in Mathematica Japonica or Scientiae Mathematicae. JAMS member authors can recommend themselves for the prizes.

Annual Membership Dues covering the period from Jan. 1, 1999 throughDec. 31, 1999 are as follows. Rates quoted in US Dollarsapplies to overseas members, and rates in Yen to domestic members.

    Individual Member:        Category A:        US$  80, (10,000 yen)        Category C:*       US$  40, ( 5,000 yen)    Student Member (Please verify):                           US$  60, ( 7,500 yen)    Institutional Member:                           US$ 300, (33,000 yen)
*Category C is for those who reside in the countries of EasternEurope, CIS or developing countries.

Table of the page charges
 M.J. (per page)SCM (per page)
MemberNon MemberMemberNon Member
Paper\4500(US$35)\5200(US$40)\4000(US$30) \4500(US$35)
TeX\2500(US$20)\3200 (US$25)\2000(US$15*)\2500(US$20*)
S. TeX\2000(US$15)\2500 (US$20)\1200(US$10*)\2000(US$15*)
PDF/P.S. --- --- FreeFree
The above charges become effective as from Vol.2, No.3(Aug. 1999) for SCM and Vol.51, No.1 (Jan. 2000) for M.J.
*) In these cases, authors can send Coupon-Reponse international instead of remittance.
A sheet of Coupon-Reponse international is regarded as 1 US$.
The additional page charge may be required for the figures contained in the papers.For more information,see our Web Page,SCM(page xiii of Vol.2,No.2) or Math.Japonica(Vol.50,No.1).

Please fill up an application form on our Web page referring to the numbered items, and return it by facsimile ore-mail if possible, to:

Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences
Shin Sakaihigashi Bldg., 2-1-18 Minami Hanadaguchi
Sakai, Osaka 590-0075, Japan
Fax: 81-722-22-7987 (81 is national code of Japan)

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