For the AMS-LaTeX (ver.1.1) Users

For the AMS-LaTeX(ver.1.1) Users

1. When a TeX user first submits a manuscript to the Managing Office, you should not submit the floppy disk at the same time. If the manuscript is accepted, the Managing Office will send you the Acceptance Letter. After that, please send the floppy disk or e-mail manuscript and two copies of Form for Submission again to the Composition Dept. Managing Office, J.A.M.S.

2. Manuscripts prepared by AMS-LaTeX (ver.1.1) are welcome. In that case,

  1. You should use the document style [majal]{amsart},
  2. Layout should be 50 truepc in length and 33 truepc in width,
  3. Avoid explicit horizontal and vertical spacing commands,
  4. Do not use explicit LaTeX coding to control line and page breaks,
  5. Do not redefine any AMS-LaTeX control sequences.

3. The author should not divide the file into two or more (sub)-files (for example, abstract, introduction, ..., references, etc.)

4. Manuscripts satisfying the following three conditions for the program will be treated favorably "Standard Format AMS-LaTeX"; the pagecharge will be discounted to U.S.$35/page and the publication datewill be advanced by one issue:

  1. To be prepared by AMS-LaTeX Version no less than 1.0 and
  2. To keep the default value of {amsart}
  3. To start with the following lines which define the style and headline:
    where the text of the style file `majal.sty' is available.
    Download here! (`majal.sty'file)

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