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I wish to enroll as a member of JAMS and will pay to Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences the annual dues upon presentation of an invoice. Copies of Mathematica Japonica, Scientiae Mathematicae and Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae received as an JAMS member will be for my personal use and shall not be placed in institutional, university or other libraries or organizations, nor can membership subscriptions be used for library purposes.
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(f-1)Mathematical logic, Set theory, Relative systems, Algebra systems.
(f-2)Classical algebra, Number theory, Combinatorics, Cryptology.
(f-3)Topology, Geometry, Imaging.
(f-4)Real analysis, Complex analysis.
(f-5)Functional analysis, Operator theory.
(f-6)Differential equations, Integral equations, Functional equation, Numerical analysis.
(f-7)Infinite dimensional dynamical systems, Inverse problems.
(f-8)Fluid dynamics, Atmospheric research, Rheology, Computer aided design, Control theory, Nanoscience.
(f-9)Probability theory, Statistics, Experimental Design, Quality control.
(f-10)Operations Research, Decision theory, Queuing theory, Scheduling, Mathematical finance, Mathematical economics.
(f-11)Informatics, Pattern recognition, Imaging, Computer science, Computer simulation.
(f-12)Biomathematics, Proteomics, Bio informatics, Imaging, System biology, Bioscience.
(f-13)Mathematical education, History of mathematics.
(f-14)Over several fields (Ex. Fixed point theory)
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11.Would you like to buy the printed copies of SCMJ * YES @ NO
(whose prices a year are US$60(6,000yen) for 1-year-members(A1, D1, S-A1, S-D1) and US$55(5,500yen) for 4-year-members(A4, D4, S-A4, S-D4)?) *
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